2001 Lexus Is300 Engine Cover

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2001 Lexus Is300 Engine Cover | Video

2JZ Valve Cover Gasket and Spark Plugs: Lexus GS300 and IS300

2001 Lexus Is300 Engine Cover

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to replace the valve cover gaskets, spark plugs and spark plug wires on a Lexus GS300 or IS300 with the 3.0L inline 6 2JZ-GE engine. Leaking valve cover gaskets are a common problem as vehicles age. On this Lexus GS300, the valve cover gaskets were leaking s...

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lexus is300 changing spark plugs and intake valve gasket part1

2001 Lexus Is300 Engine Cover

pretty easy labor make sure that you do not overtighten the intake valve gassket bolt's because you can easly smash the gasket....

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Lexus IS300 Exhaust Valve Gasket replacement part 1

2001 Lexus Is300 Engine Cover

It's harder then on Dodge Neon, Suzuki Forenza or Mazda 626... there are 2 gaskets on top Exhaust and Intake plus 2 cam seals from were oil can be escaping... this video demonstrates how to replace Exhaust valve gasket...

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Lexus IS350 Engine Cover Rivet

2001 Lexus Is300 Engine Cover

When I first messed with the engine cover rivets on my wife's 2008 Lexus IS350, I had some trouble getting the rivets to re-attach. I made this video to try to explain how the rivets work since there isn't a whole lot of information on the internet available on them.

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2001 Lexus Is300 Engine Cover | Price Comparison

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