Blank Gun Assault Rifle

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Blank Gun Assault Rifle | Video

Blank Firing Rifles for Film, TV & Theatre - Action Replica Rentals

Blank Gun Assault Rifle

Quick demo of the few blank-firing rifles we have available for Film, TV & Theatre hire. Please visit for details. LEGAL NOTE: All guns featured in this video are compliant with UK specifications for blank-firing replica guns.

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Blank firing Full Auto MG42 Machine Gun & MP44 / Sturmgewehr Assault Rifle Replica

Blank Gun Assault Rifle

All legal !!! Strictly NON political video,DO NOT post any ultra nationalistic,silly,insulting,political,religious nor neo nazi comments,many thanks for that pals! MG is LEGAL postwar yugo M53 and StG is postwar Blank firing semiauto replica. Zbraně jsou expanzní a není u nich možnost střílet...

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Shooting Blanks

Blank Gun Assault Rifle

Blank cartridges have been around for some time now and are found all over Hollywood, reenactments, and in various training settings within the Military and Law Enforcement communities. Although they add a great amount of potential in their use, they do require extensive safety precautions and ca...

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Uzi Replica Full Auto Blank Firing Machine Gun.mpg

Blank Gun Assault Rifle

Uzi Replica Full Auto Blank Firing Machine Gun Experience the heart thumping, "rat-tat-tat." Feel the recoil and rapid fire report during real time scenarios. This blank firing machine gun has three shooting modes- safe, semi auto, and full auto. Fires 15 9mm blanks in 1.9 seconds. There is no ...

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