Bloodroot Black Salve

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Why Are People Burning Holes In Their Bodies? (Bloodroot, Black Salve)

Bloodroot Black Salve

WARNING: This video has some NASTY pictures in it. One of the craziest examples of lunatic pseudoscience is escarotics, chemicals that attack and destroy skin tissue. One of these is Bloodroot aka Black Salve. These wingnuts actually put a destructive compound on their skin blemishes like freckl...

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Bloodroot Black Salve

Saint Peregrine Black Drawing Salve is for Skin Cancer, Warts, Moles, Skin Tags, and Other abnormal Skin Growth

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Black Salve – Bad Advice… Bad product

Bloodroot Black Salve

Last month I brought attention to a particularly nasty product currently promoted online to vulnerable people as a cancer cure. Black salve is a paste made from a mixture of Bloodroot extract and zinc chloride that, when applied directly to the skin, will cause the cells to die. It does this by p...

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SCARY; Black Salve Bloodroot Skin Cancer removal, was it INFECTED ?

Bloodroot Black Salve

I removed a suspicious multicolor (Possible ?) skin cancer spot on my leg with Bloodroot Black Salve. I got a little scared when it looked infected, but once you start a project like this there is no turning back. Here is my 6 week experience, if you want to be super safe you really need a Doctor...

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