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Gripen and g-force


Join our test and display pilot André from the inside of the Gripen cockpit as he shows his full display programme. This amazing footage gives you a great sense of the extreme manoeuvres and g-forces. To know more about Gripen -The Smart Fighter, please go to:

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Red Bull's crash testing (1080p)


Red Bull Racing crash testing its rear crash structure and doing front impact test. F1 cars must pass all crash tests before they can take to the track in testing - the rule was introduced at the start of 2012. To make F1 cars ever safer, tougher new tests on roll structures and the survival cel...

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F-16 Viper Cockpit Tour, Test Pilot, Edwards AFB


Test pilot Major Desmond Brophy (Canadian Air Force Exchange pilot) gives a tour of an F-16 Fighting Falcon (aka Viper) cockpit used for flight testing at Edwards Air Force Base. If you're wondering what test pilots are doing in a relatively senior and proven airframe, the answer lies in conti...

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