Eco Cafe Costa Rica

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Eco Cafe Costa Rica | Video

Eco Café Costa Rica Nature

Eco Cafe Costa Rica

This is our first video of many ! We wish to showcase the natural beauty of Costa Rica , essence of our gourmet coffee. Pura Vida !

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Starting an Eco Friendly Coffee Farm in Costa Rica

Eco Cafe Costa Rica

What does it take to start a green coffee farm? We travel to Costa Rica to discover how one Canadian is taking a cow pasture in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica and turning it into an eco-friendly coffee farm. That may not seem like such a big deal, but more and more forests and jungles are...

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The Costa Rican way to make coffee

Eco Cafe Costa Rica

See the traditional Costa Rican way to make coffee. Read more about the golden beans of Costa Rica here

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Climate-friendly coffee farming in Costa Rica | DW English

Eco Cafe Costa Rica

Coffee is one of Costa Rica's main exports but coffee production contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Efforts are underway to make it less environmentally damaging.

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Eco Cafe Costa Rica | Price Comparison

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