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CraftMagic - Cookie Cutters

Magic The Gathering-cookie-cutter

These are surprisingly easy to make!!! I can't wait to test them out! Follow Me on Twitter: @BadWolfMTG Friend Me on Facebook: Music:

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Legacy Magic — Hashep Threshold vs. Elves

Magic The Gathering-cookie-cutter

Here's a deck that one of our patrons, Kris Long, requested. I was to make a deck using Nimble Mongoose, and I didn't want to make a cookie-cutter Mongoose deck like RUG Delver. Instead, we have this little gem that I came up with on the day of the request…and then couldn't record with it for age...

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Tags: nimble moongoose,hashep,legacy,magic the gathering,mtg,magic,legacy combo,legacy control,legacy m...

Legacy Magic — Hashep Threshold vs. Dredge

Magic The Gathering-cookie-cutter

Warping Wail is now officially a serious hate card versus Dredge. Yes, it can counter much of the deck, including Dread Return itself, but it also removes Bridge from Below immediately due to the Eldrazi Scion token's ability to sacrifice itself for mana, not to mention exiling Ichorids if absolu...

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Magic the Gathering® Kekse

Magic The Gathering-cookie-cutter

Hallo ihr Lieben, auf Anfrage von "Zora van Goth" habe ich ein kleines Video zu dem Thema "Magic the Gathering®" gemacht!!! Ich hoffe, das Dir Zora van Goth das Video gefällt und natürlich auch allen anderen XD Hier der Link zu dem Channel von Zora van Goth: ➥

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