Venus Fly Trap-b52

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Venus Fly Trap-b52 | Video

My New B-52 Venus Fly trap eating first bug by Savageasflux

Venus Fly Trap-b52

My new B-52 Venus Fly Trap eating a bug for the first time the day after I bought it.

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Huge Venus flytrap B52

Venus Fly Trap-b52

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B52 Venus FlyTrap | Lots of New Traps and Leaves | V2

Venus Fly Trap-b52

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Baby DCXL venus flytrap

Venus Fly Trap-b52

My First Venus Flytrap iv bought online. The DCXL is in competition with the B52 for the biggest trap title. It will outgrow my typicals even though they have a 3 yr head start. The DCXL caught a fly within 24 hrs after unboxing. :) AMAZING!

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